How do you remove the title in the banner from the ESRI geoportal extension?

I would like to remove the text from the banner area in the geoportal page. However, I would still like to keep the title of the page in the browser bar/window.

Does anyone know in which file the is located for just the banner text? If I remove the text from the from the site resources in the file the banner title and browser title are replaced with???

Like Brad, I don't see the banner text either, but for future edification:

in Tomcatwebappsgeoportalcatalogskins ilesanner.jsp, comment out or remove out the .getSiteTitle line (line 21 for me). Mine looks like the following.


That will remove the banner text but the page title will still be bound

This is using Geoportal 1.1.

Is it perhaps just occurring on your domain inside?
I don't see it on the public version.

My location for that title (the one you want to go away) is in the config.xml (flex application) inside my application.
And the other (the one you want to keep is in the default.htm also inside the application folder.