Get country statistics using Iterate Feature Selection in ModelBuilder

I'm using night light data from the NOAA and I want to generate statistics on luminosity for each country, ie what is the mean pixel value for a country. I have been following this guide:

This guide worked for one country and now, starting from clipping the countries, I would like to use the Model Builder in ArcMap to do the same thing for each country using the iterate feature selection. Here is what I've tried so far, which is to follow the above guide and add those tools in the model builder:

The "countries_erase" is a layer containing boundaries where I have selected the "Name" as the field. "F182013" is the night light raster file. From there on the I wish/tried to create a fishnet and clip it to the night light data. Finally I tried to use the "Zonal Statistics as Table" to obtain the statistic and then merge all values for each country into a dataset that can be loaded to Stata.

I've tried running the model but it fails midway through and since I'm a complete novice I don't know how to fix it or if I'm even on the right track.

Iterate Features is meant to iterate features (i.e. feature class) within a geodatabase or a feature dataset. You need to change the iterator and use iterate rows instead.

If it still fails, please provide a better image of your model, since it is too small. Yet your work flow sounds solid, except the iterator.

Watch the video: Model Builder - Iterators Two - Iterate Feature Selection (October 2021).