What's the syntax for an AttributeFilter in FME?

I want to use AttributeFilter and I need to filter data by ATTRIBUTE1 with possible values of ATTRIBUTE2. What is the syntax for it?

I tried:

  1. attribute2
  2. &attribute2
  3. $attribute2
  4. '&attribute2'

etc. but wasn't successful.

Sounds like you need to add a feature merger for attributes only.

If you could expand on the question can give a better answer.

Note: Using FME 2012 here

The AttributeFilter is when you want to filter by a number of possible values.

If you just want to check whether Attribute1 = Attribute2, then use a Tester transformer.

If you want to check whether Attribute1 = Attribute2, or Attribute3, or Attribute4, etc, then use a TestFilter transformer.

If you want to check whether Attribute 1 = A, or B, or C where these are possible values of Attribute2, then just enter them into the AttributeFilter, or use the Import option.

I think the syntax is:


I would think that #2 would work, but did you try all caps, as in&ATTRIBUTE2? Also, have you tried importing the Possible Attribute Values to see what that might give you:

I do not know what AttributeFilter you mean but in "Definiton Query" of ArcGIS it done this way: "ATTRIBUTE1" = "ATTRIBUTE2" - this will select all rows whith the same value in both fields