Geoserver 2.7 - 'Bounding Box & Lat-Long Data' fetching problem from Oracle Locator database

I have installed Geoserver 2.7 & connected my Oracle (Locator) database with available 'gt-jdbc-oracle-13.2.jar' extension.

During layer publishing containing fields like 'Geometry', it failed to fetch 'Native & Lat- Long Bounding box' informations.

I have published the same data on Geoserver 2.7 - from Oracle (Locator) using 'Configure new SQL view… ' but after data publishing the map rendering time is more than normal (my Lan speeed is 1.0 Gbps).

However, my previous instance of Geoserver 2.5 - Oracle (Locator) combination does the above mentioned task nicely & is perfect for my Web based Map. (Refer to the image below)

Kindly advice on how to publish data with geometry from Oracle (locator) database from Geoserver 2.7 environment… !

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