Export Google Maps Route to KML/GPX

Since Google pulled the plug on Google Maps Classic, I'm reluctantly moving to its Google Maps New application.

However, I didn't find how to export a route to a GPX or KML file so it can be copied onto my smartphone.

Can it do this? If not, is there a third-party solution?

GPS Visualizer will take a Google Map route (url) and convert to .gpx

"You can ignore most the options, just select Gpx and paste the Google Maps URL into the box labelled “provide the URL of a file on the Web” and then press the Convert button"


To export a route to KML you'll have to use Google MyMaps.

  • add a route to new or existing layer
  • drag and drop the route to suit your needs
  • Open the maps options menue (3 dots above the layers)
  • Export to KML

You can then use any service to convert the KML to GPX. I prefer GPSies. (edit: now acquired by AllTrails)

I think that in the current version of G Maps (in desktop, May 2018), you can click on "my timeline" at the left sidebar which appears when you click on the three-bar menu symbol at left of the search bar. Then your timeline appears in a separate tab, where you can select a day with the date timeline at upper left to find the route or timeline for that day. then if you go to the settings gear symbol at lower right, there is an option to "export this day to KML". Is that helpful? I use this all the time to transfer field visits to QGIS or google earth and compare to spatial data on soils, climate, google earth images that give me a better overall view of the landscape versus what one sees walking or driving, etc.

This is what worked for me (example for biking route, can also be used for car route):

  • Open
  • Create a new map
  • Click "Draw A Line Icon" and select "Add Biking Route" (a new routelayer will be created)
  • Select your starting point "A" with cursor on map and start drawing (single click to fix waypoints)
  • Double click to set "Endpoint B"
  • Adjust while dragging route until ok.
  • Rename the layer (and optionally map)
  • Click on 3 vertical dots (of map) and "Export to KML/KMZ"
  • Select only the route layer (uncheck other options)
  • Download KMZ
  • Convert KMZ using
  • Open KMZ
  • Convert to Track/Route
  • Download as GPX track
  • Click "Convert File"

Optional for BikeGPX:

  • Import GPX file into
  • Select "Upload File"
  • Drag GPX
  • Save route (do not share)
  • Scan QR code with BikeGPX app on Android

You might be interested in this tool I'm tinkering with building. It will give you waypoints and routes for google maps directions:

Export a map

You can export and download an entire map or just some information on it. That way, you can import and see your geographical data in other apps. For example, on a map with cross-country driving directions and restaurants along the way, download just the directions so you can visualize it in Google Earth.

Export your map's data Click the map menu button in the left panel. Select Export as KMZ. Choose the layer you want to export, or click Entire map. [Optional] To export as network link, check the box. Click Export. Note: A KMZ map link updates about every 10 minutes. If you see a delay in updates, check back shortly.

Export the data of a map shared with you Sometimes, the owner of a map may provide view-only access. This means you can't edit the map by adding places or layers, but you can still export the map's data.

In the legend, click the share button . Select Download KMZ. Choose the layer you want to export, or click Entire map. [Optional] To export as network link, check the box. Click Export. More info about exporting Keep data up-to-date with network links

I have created an app that is able to download a GPX file from Google Maps directions. Afterthat you can send this file to a GPS device or share it using Whatsapp, GMail,… It's possible to download a GPX file from other sources like Strava or Wikiloc. This is the app:

You can watch this videos before to use it: