ArcGIS Addin Localization Not working?

I want to have a localized (e.g. French) addin toolbar. What I have done so far:

  1. Created the file and put all the translations there
  2. Changed my system "Region and Language" setting and set the format to French (France)
  3. Installed the Addin

When I run Arcmap, I don't see the localization (I see the original english version)

Note: I have also read this page completely

Can anybody tell me where the problem is?

To show localized resources properly, the user must change "Display Language" of the operating system.

In windows 7:

Region and Language Dialog > Keyboards and Languages > Install/Unistall languages

The other preferred solution is to change the config.esriaddin file directly, rather that creating localized versions.

Watch the video: ArcGIS - Converting a geodatabase to shapefiles (October 2021).