GeoServer: is grades to degrees transformation possible through SLD file?

I work on GeoServer 2.6.2 and PosgreSQL 9.2 / PostGIS 2.0. I have declared a layer in GeoServer which is linked to a PostgreSQL database table. In this table, I have a column (obj_orientation) storing orientation values in grades (360° = 400 gr.). Is it possible to transform these values to degrees inside to SLD stylesheet?

I have tried these but the layer doesn't display at all:

 obj_orientation*0.9 ${obj_orientation*0.9} ${obj_orientation}*0.9

Is there a way to do so or do I have to update my column in the database?

You should be able to use the mul function (see Filter Expressions). So something like:

  ${obj_orientation} 0.9

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