Error placing a static image with OpenLayers 3?

Working with the last version of OpenLayers 3, I'm not able to load correctly a static image over the map. After some test (with similar configuration) I found that the image looks fine on OL2, while on OL3 it has a displacement of several kilometers, as you can see on the following image:

I've done a plunker with that example. Could it be a bug or I'm missing something?

/* OL3 */ var graphicOL3 = new ol.layer.Image({ source: new ol.source.ImageStatic({ url: '">

Finally it was a bug of OL3 library. They resolved it on this ticket: It's not yet implemented on the last release version (3.11.2) so if you face this problem you have to point to the master:

Watch the video: Openlayers 6 Tutorial #6 - Layer Switcher (October 2021).