Emeralds: A Passionate Guide

- The Emeralds, the People, their Secrets

Here is one of the few books that truly covers a gemstone from the ground to a ring on a lady's finger. It deals with deposits and mining, gemstones and cutting, jewelry creation and retailing. Lots of spectacular photos, especially ones that reveal how emeralds are cut and those that investigate the microscopic flaws and features that are characteristic of these beautiful stones. This book is a 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" hardcover with 382 pages.

Emeralds: A Passionate GuideTable of Contents

1. The Romance of Emeralds18
2. History of Two Empires: Spain and India32
3. The Properties of Emeralds64
4. Looking into Emeralds: Optics78
5. Exploring the Effects of Light on Emerald Color96
6. Learning a System of Color Grading112
7. Color Grading of Emeralds124
8. Grading the Clarity of Emeralds134
9. All About the Clarity Enhancement of Emeralds158
10. A Complete Buying Guide for Emeralds178
11. Certificates, Reports and Appraisals202
12. Gota de Aceite: The Emerald's Added Attraction212
13. More Secrets of the Connoisseurs: Old Mine Emeralds226
14. Fair Trade Gems, Ethical Emeralds and the Emerald War236
15. Colombian Emerald Geology250
16. Adventures in the Andes: a Personal Account272
17. Major Emerald Sources of the World282
18. Buying and Cutting Rough Emeralds296
19. The World of Gem People318
20. Colored Stone Wisdom: Emeralds in the Stars326
21. Collecting Mineral Specimens and Other Rarities334
22. Poetry of the Emerald Experience350
23. The Medieval Lapidaries364