Gold! Gold! A Beginner's Handbook and Recreational Guide

This bestselling book is great for greenhorn gold-hunters who would like to know where and how to prospect for gold. A 6" x 9" paperback with 142 pages.

Gold! Gold! A Beginner's Handbook and Recreational GuideTable of Contents

In the Beginning… 9
The King of Money * Gold: Its Nature * Gold Fever * The Rush Had Begun * The Fever Spreads * Mining Life * The Motherlode
The Pot at the End of the Rainbow23
Where to Begin Your Search * Why it is Where it is * Its "Heft" is the Main Clue * Images: A Nugget's Travels * Learn to Read the Stream * Placer Paydirt * Prospecting for Quartz Veins
Putting Together Your Grubstake51
Prospecting Gear * The Tools of the Trade
Methods: Then & Now57
How to Pan * Gold Pan Sieve * The Sniffer * Dry Placer Operations * Operation of a Sluice * Clean-up * Rocker Box * Long Tom * Hydraulic Concentrator * Dredges * Metal Detectors
Crescent of Gold84
Amalgamation * Staking Your Claim
Nickel Knowledge92
Survival pack * Specifications * Sorting by Size * Troy Weight * Forms * Gold Rocker Plans
Where to Prospect104
Gold Concentrations in the U.S. * Southeast States * Rocky Mountain and Western States
Head for the Hills!119
Dust * Grains * Nuggets * Additional Reading * BLM Offices * Note Pad
Mining Supply Resources * Mining Supplies136
Equipment Order Form143