Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona

Learn about the Geology of Northern Arizona with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 321 pages that are packed with detailed information about Northern Arizona Geology. See table of contents below.

Geology Underfoot in Northern ArizonaTable of Contents

The Geology of Northern Arizona 1
1. A Grand Transition
Pearce Ferry9
2. A Conflict of Fire and Water
Toroweap Overlook25
3. Flood Controversy
The Colorado River and Glen Canyon Dam39
4. Jewel of the Southwest
Antelope Canyon53
5. A Tale of Twin Plateaus
Navajo National Monument and Black Mesa65
6. How to Carve a Totem Pole
Monument Valley79
7. Journey to an Ancient Shoreline
The Grand Canyon and the Gorge of the Little Colorado River93
8. Dilophosaurus Dancehall
Moenave Dinosaur Tracks107
9. Beauty All around Me, with It I Wander
Canyon de Chelly National Monument121
10. Volcanic Violence in a Landscape Turned Upside Down
The Peach Springs Tuff135
11. A Melange of Magmas, a Variety of Volcanoes
The San Francisco Volcanic Field149
12. Desert Niagara
Grand Falls165
13. Pangaean Riviera
The Sedona Red Rocks175
14. A Crater with Deep Impact
Meteor Crater189
15. Triassic Time Capsule
Petrified Forest National Park203
16. Continent Under Construction
The Rocks of Prescott217
17. Mountain of Metal
The Mines of Jerome233
18. A Lake's Legacy
Montezuma Castle National Monument249
19. A Bridge to the Past
Tonto Bridge State Park261
20. Islands in Time
The Mazatzal Quartzite271
Sources of More Information297
Index 305