Roadside Geology of Missouri

Learn about the Geology of Missouri with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 273 pages that are packed with detailed information about Missouri Geology. See table of contents below.

Roadside Geology of MissouriTable of Contents

Show Me the Geology1
Understanding the Earth1
Plate Tectonics1
Getting Down to Bedrock3
The Geologic Story of Missouri13
Protorozoic Eon: 2.5 Billion to 542 Million Years Ago13
Paleozoic Era: 542 to 251 Million Years Ago16
Cambrian and Ordovician Time19
Silurian and Devonian Time22
Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, and Permian Time24
Folds and Faults in Paleozoic Rocks31
The Thirty-Eighth Parallel Lineament33
Get the Lead (and Zinc) Out!34
Mesozoic Era: 251 to 65 Million Years Ago37
Cenozoic Era: 65 Million Years Ago to the Present38
Paleogene and NeogeneTime39
Quaternary Time and the Pleistocene Ice Age40
Caves, Springs, and Sinkholes44
A Tale of Two Rivers47
Harnessing the Mighity Mississippi49
Narrowing the Wide Missouri50
The Glaciated Plains 54
Drainage Patterns, Then and Now56
Road Guides in the Glaciated Plains57
St. Louis Metropolitan Area57
Interstate 29: Iowa Border - Kansas City64
Interstate 35: Iowa Border - Kansas City67
Interstate 70: Columbia - Missouri River at St. Louis69
US 36: St. Joseph - Hannibal71
US 61: Alexandria - Hannibal76
US 61: Hannibal - Missouri River at St. Louis80
US 63: Iowa Border - Jefferson City85
The Osage Plains and Springfield Plateau 93
The Southern Edge of the Ice93
Road Guides in the Osage Plains and Springfield Plateau96
Kansas City Metropolitan Area96
Interstate 44: Oklahoma Border - Northview107
Interstate 70: Kansas City - Columbia112
US 50: Kansas City - Sedalia116
US 54: Kansas Border - Preston118
US 65: Springfield - Arkansas Border121
US 71: Harrisonville - Arkansas Border127
The Ozarks and the St. Francois Mountains 135
Filled-Sink Structures137
Meandering Valleys in the Ozarks140
Caldera Eruptions of the St. Francois Mountains141
Volcanic Rocks143
Granite Rocks145
Skrainka Diabase147
Fault-Bound Basins and the Great Unconformity147
Road Guides in the Ozarks and the St. Francois Mountains148
Interstate 44: Northview - Rolla148
Interstate 44: Rolla - St. Louis152
Interstate 55: St. Louis - Cape Girardeau163
US 50: Sedalia - Jefferson City170
US 50: Jefferson City - Interstate 44173
US 54: Preston - Jefferson City178
US 60: Poplar Bluff - Springfield184
US 63: Jefferson City - Cabool189
US 65: Sedalia - Springfield199
US 67: Festus - Poplar Bluff204
Arcadia Valley Loop through the St. Francois Mountains211
The Southeast Lowlands223
New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812226
Sand Boils, Sand Blows, and Sand Fissures229
Could It Happen Again?230
Road Guides in the Southeast Lowlands231
Interstate 55: Cape Girardeau - Arkansas Border231
US60/Interstate 57: Illinois Border - Poplar Bluff236