Rocks From Space

Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters

This popular nontechnical introduction to meteorites, asteroids, comets, and impact craters is now even better! This second edition includes over 50 new photographs and illustrations, updated and revised text, and fun cosmic humor. This 6"x9" paperback has 447 pages that are packed with detailed information about these mysterious rocks from space. See table of contents below.

Rocks From Space (Second edition)Table of Contents

Part I: Falls, Finds, and Craters
1. Shooting Stars, Meteor Showers, and Fireballs7
2. Rocks from Space? Impossible!33
3. Effects of a Falling Meteoroid43
4. Tracking Fallen Meteorites55
5. Meteorite Showers69
6. Two Great Siberian Meteorite Falls89
7. America's Great Meteorite Crater111
8. Earth is a Cratered World131
Part II: What is a Meteorite?
9. How to Recognize a Meteorite157
10. Chondrites - The Common Stony Meteorites175
11. Achondrites - The Crusts of Planets201
12. Iron Meteorites - The Cores of Planets215
13. Stony-Iron Meteorites - The Mantles of Planets235
Part III: Meteorite Hunters
14. The Great Meteorites - Their Discovery and Recovery245
15. Harvey Harlow Nininger, Meteorite Hunter267
16. Robert A. Haag, the "Meteorite Man"289
17. Hunting for Meteorites307
Part IV: Origins
18. Asteroids - "Parents" of the Meteorites327
19. Searching for Meteorites' Lost "Parents"345
20. When Worlds Collide371
Appendix A. Meteorite Verification Laboratories408
Appendix B. Commercial Meteorite Dealers409
Appendix C. Selected List of Suspected Impact Craters Worldwide411
Appendix D. Etching an Iron Meteorite415
Appendix E. Testing a Meteorite for Nickel417
Appendix F. The Chemical Classification of Iron Meteorites419
References 431
Index - General 437
Index - Meteorites 443