Exporting MXD layout view to GeoTIFF?

It my be old issue, but I can't find right solution.

How to produce GeoTIFF from layout view not from data view?

Any simple solution?

Export to GeoTiff from layout view is available as part of the production mapping environment.

To export ArcGIS .mxd page layout with all the page layout elements (multiple frames, graphics) to GeoTiff, you can do it with GDAL >= 1.9.

  1. Export map as GeoPDF from ArcMap
  2. Convert GeoPDF to GTiff (or any other format supported by GDAL) using gdal_translate

Version GDAL 1.9 comes with poppler lib included (compiled GDAL download for Windows), so no additional lib's are required.

That would make some sense.
Because the layout only has page coordinates (eg 8.5x11).

I used to do a similar function in autocad where I replicated the page dimensions (scaled of course) and porportion in the model space (data frame) and printed to file from there.

It might be some work if you have symbollogy and scale you are trying to replicate from the layout.

Is a pity, but the only way to open a MXD file to automaticly convert to another is using ArcGIS Scripting =(. Because since GDAL is open source, and ArcGIS does not have provided a library free to use to read mxd files, is impossible at this way if you are not using and ESRI product.

You could open in ArcMap, or ArcCatalog and go in ArcToolBox in Conversion tools could be an option like Feature to Raster (now i'm not have ArcGIS in my job workstation).

Maybe you could export to another format, like MapInfo, or Autodesk DXF using the Data Inoperability (Data Interoperability) Module.

hope this be useful… have a nice day.

EDIT: a bit of light in the python scripting stuff

In ArcGIS Desktop they have not exposed all of the functionality that is available.

I would suggest writing a Python Script using the ExporttoTiff tool.

Here is a reference document, notice the "create world file" Boolean flag.

Watch the video: how to export georeferenced map Geotiff from ArcGIS (October 2021).