Installing cartopy on OSGeo4W

I am trying to install cartopy on OSGeo4W. Even though all required packages already downloaded and updated, the installer won't recognize them. I keep getting the following error: UserWarning: Unable to determine GEOS version. Ensure you have 3.3 or later installed, or installation may fail. UserWarning: Unable to determine Proj4 version. Ensure you have 4.8.0 or later installed, or installation may fail. Proj4 version 0.0.0 is installed, but cartopy requires at least version 4.8.0.

I also tried downloading an older version of cartopy and attempted to build it against the installed shapely and GEOS. I received a long dump of output, including the error:

*LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'proj.lib' error: command "C:Users	ug28727AppDataLocalProgramsCommonMicrosoftVisual C++ for Python9.0VCBinamd64link.exe"' failed with exit status 1181*

Any ideas?